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Trumpstock Behind The Scenes

Trumpstock was held in Golden Valley AZ after a permit refusal by the City of Kingman Arizona. Great American Pizza allowed the event to...

9/11 Never Forget

Great clip.

Congressional Candidates!

I've started interviews with candidates. If you know a candidate or you are one, send me a message using the contact form of the website.

CastBox Live!

Join the American Perspective Show every Tuesday at 7pm PST. Use the CastBox app to call into the live show.

Live Shows!

Soon the American Perspective will have a weekly live radio show available through CastBox app. You can listen to podcasts, call in to...

S1 E12 "A Congressional Run"

I discuss Danielle Stella's run for Congress against Illhan Omar. #congress #podcast

Baby Go Boom S1 E11

Based Amy joined me remote from London this week to discuss popping the Baby Trump balloon. She also shares her views on Trump and how...